R: [EVA] Creation, was: why on cross? (possible spoiler)

Jerico jmele at brandeis.edu
Fri Jan 22 07:28:08 EST 1999

<I meant to say, AFAIK, we're still stuck with the 'nothing is created,
nothing is destroyed' in our science>

On a purely scientific basis that _may_ not be true. (Casmir effect, my
own interpretation of the source of the S2 engine's infinite power)

<just mean to say it's not (currently AND in eva) aviable way to get

I don't believe it ever will be (I don't think it is possible to be god
like, even if you're god. what I mean a by that silly sounding statement
is that there is always a limit to what can and can't happen.

Thats what I love about Eva, discussion regarding it (though vaugely in
this thread/post) can range over so may different topics and types of

An idea just occured to me: would creation of an intellegence be
considered something new? If the consciousness is original would it be
considered a synthesis of prexisting material or the creation of a new
complex system?

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