[EVA] EoE [once more, an unusual thread name]

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Sat Jan 23 22:29:51 EST 1999

heh.... seems like several people are getting there copys around 

Uri wrote:
>At last, I got a copy of EoE
>And I think that due to this long wait the movie was not what I 
expected at
>all. Don't get me wrong, it's still the best movie i've seen so far, 
but I
>expected something different.

yea, I think I know what you mean.

>For example I remember a while back that huge
>thread about the JSSDF assault, George, Gareth, Tom, Zhou... everyone
>describing that scene so crude and realistic, well I expected something 
>a gore style,

no, I felt the JSSDF assault was done excelently. It really burned 
itself onto my mind. It didn't need excessive gore. One of the best 
parts was when that soilder was ready to blow Shinji away and he said 
something like "Dont hate me kid" then missato rushed in slamed him 
against the wall said the same thing and blew his head off.....good 
stuff. It doesn't need gore, the emotional impact is far greater than a 
gallon of blood and guts

 Instead I found more crude and horrible Asuka attacking and
>insulting Shinji in Misato's kitchen, while he was so low and 

that scene....I have mixed feelings about that. I'll save it for my EOE 
post though.

>Instead I was more impressed by Shinji's mental condition in Air,
>that scene where Misato pulls him along the car park, while he's almost
>comatose, ain't got no words for that.

Impressed? yea, I have to respect the fact that he could even hold his 
sanity through all the shit he goes through in the movie. How I feel 
about Shini after EOE would be a long post.

>At least I'll see it 3 or 4 more times, but the first one left me an 
>feeling. It's still gorgeus, but I think it lacks that inner touch of 
the TV
>End, I definitely need a rewatch. More to come soon ^_^

unlike most list members here, I despised the TV ending with a venomous 
rage. *a bit harsh, but true* 

-Tenchi MP...heh..guess what I watched after EOE to 'reset' my mind =)
"Yea, It's flat alright. You must also have man stuff down 
below"-Miaka/Fushigi Yugi

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