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At 12:27 AM 24/01/99 PST, you wrote:

>to understand the physics of AT fields. This was just an observation, 
>and the entire point of stating it was that SOMEBODY had to at least 
>know of the ideas I stated when designing. Yeah, it looked cool. 

I can accept that. One (or more) of the designers was influenced, perhaps
by some CG of an imaginary black hole or something...

>Certainly. And GAINAX chose this specific design for the effects of the 
>Lance to put into the show, of all the possible ones. Why?

Why not?

>What do you 

I'd like to see this list one day.

I think this argument is comfortably finished, since I asked why the new
Lance sequence *must* serve any other purpose other than to look cool, and
your response is to theorise about GAiNAX's design procedures and ask me
why they didn't use any other as-far-as-we-know imaginary design.

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