[EVA] "Death" threat

Johnfav at aol.com Johnfav at aol.com
Sun Jan 24 15:56:06 EST 1999

Please, anyone, please enlighten me, I am very confused now regarding the

What is "Death ^true"? What is "Death^2 true" as mentioned by people? Any
others with format like this?

So we have the original thearetical release of "Death" as seen by Patrick; and
Wowow TV version for "Death" right? Any other versions exists?

Also, what is the original thearetical release like? What different, extra
scenes it got and differ or excluded from Wowow TV version? Vice versa, does
Wowow TV version has scenes  that cannot be found in the original thearetical

Finally, does D& R ever released officially in Japan individually? What I mean
is, can u see the videos/LDs  in shops with only the title "Evas: D & B" on

Any help would be appreciated. *_^

Adam II

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