[EVA] Review of Eva in the West Australian newspaper

Ernest_Ng at proctors.com.au Ernest_Ng at proctors.com.au
Mon Jan 25 08:56:58 EST 1999

There was a brief review of Eva in the local newspaper (The West
Australian) on Friday.  While the reviewer acknowledged its popularity in
Japan, unfortunately, by her own admission she isn't too familiar with the
series (they broadcast episodes 7 and 8 on Saturday).  But I guess it does
give the first impressions of someone who starts watching halfway through
the series.  Extracts of her comments:

"... Now, maybe it's because I have missed a few episodes but Evangelion
seems more confusing than shocking.  Anime and its more adult counterpart
manga [??], a style of Japanese animation that can be quite raunchy and
violent, has long been a cult phenomenon but so far this series hasn't come
close to offering real competition to SBS's [the TV channel on which Eva is
broadcast] other animated hit, South Park. ..."

"... The only person who can control an EVA is a 14-year-old boy.  Only
three boys [???] are suitable. ..."

"... If you do manage to get through the double episodes of Evangelion, at
least your reward is the cult Jackie Chan movie The Twin Dragons (9.30)."

Happy Australia Day (26 January) to everyone

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