[EVA] Eva movie posters

Dafto dafto at 110.net
Mon Jan 25 00:25:27 EST 1999

Try http://www.animepalace.com 

I think they have all kinds of Eva stuff


>Moody030 at aol.com wrote:
>>Does anyone out there know where to get my hands on any of the Eva 
>>movie one- sheet theatrical posters?.....Obviously Japanese >authentic 
>releases is what I want. Any info is appreciated.
>-> Hmm, movie-1? or Movie, one-sheet? I got my Death & Rebirth (Asuka, 
>Shinji, Misato, Gendou and Eva-01 + Eva-02) at Otakon and have yet to 
>see it available at any online distributor. As for the EoE theatrical 
>poster- never seen it anywhere. In the end, your best bet is a con...  
>-brendan (btw, is anyone gonna be at AnimeCentral this year?)

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