[EVA] ok, here I go [spoilers for EOE]

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Tue Jan 26 02:41:45 EST 1999

At 07:19 PM 24/01/99 PST, you wrote:
>>No. HCP took place in the movie. It's not a Shinji's mind thing like 
>the TV ending.
>then why did Rei appear in front of the Eva at the end? She only 
>appeared before people when they were about to turn into LCL

She appeared to Shinji in the "I Need You" bit. I don't think this aspect
of the film is as definite as some of us might want it to be... but that's
nothing knew about Eva.

>saying which one I liked better. And I like MNE far far better. (of 
>course that may be because it has Mayuka in it..heh..)

I'd like Manatsu no Eve better if they'd get around to making the 3rd OAV
series which, PRESUMABLY, has to take place prior to it (in order to
introduce Kiyone etc).

I'm not going to be defensive about End of Evangelion. Sure I couldn't
sleep the night I watched it first, and walked around in a daze the next
day. I dig the BGM. I appreciate the way it was rounded off (heck I wrote a
fanfic trilogy based on it), though it still left a couple of questions
unanswered which deserved to get answered (note difference to questions we
should answer for ourselves).
	But its not my favourite either. It didn't motivate me to the extent to
post a personal thoughts essay about it, as many have done.

What I really like about it is that I never saw anything like it before.

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