[EVA] ok, here I go [spoilers for EOE]

BARDIEL EGIVENS at hope.gordonc.edu
Mon Jan 25 15:11:43 EST 1999

>I think I've resolved my ideas on the MP's (aahhhhh MP! keeps coming up 
>@_@) I only got one question. Did the first one re animate? I understand 
>the other ones just got really messed, even the one who got half his 
>face torn off. But The last one I'm iffy on is that first one. He was 
>just shredded. (by the way I thought the MP Eva's looked cool, but were 
>cruddily colored)

I think that someone mentioned a little while back that while there were
originally 9 MP Evas, there were only eight in the Sephiroth  formation when
TI was initiated, (I haven't confirmed this yet), so it does appear that the
first (or at least one) of the MP's did not regenerate.

Hey, wait a minute.  I just remembered a post that I myself made a while ago
in a thread about who threw the mystery lance that pierced Unit-02 through the 
eye.  I counted very carefully and found that there were 9 lances total, 
including the one that pierced Asuka'a eye and the one that split her arm. 
Unless one of the MP's picked up the dead one's lance that means each MP was
functioing and threw a lance.

Ack! I'm confused. <cop-out> I think this just might be a plot hole. Gainax
made a mistake</cop-out>

>hmmmm... I've decided on something. I'm gona watch the whole eva series 
>again from scratch, then watch EOE again (damn it thats gona take a 
>while) Maybey some things will be more clear after that

Good luck. I have ambitions of doing that someday.

>hmmmm...perhaps man, perhaps. I really feel I just need to watch it 
>again now that the initial shock is gone.

Exactly! I've seen it twice and now that I have my box set I'm gearing up 
for a third.  I'm not quite prepeared yet though.  You can't just throw it
in and watch it.  You need to be in the right frame of mind, or you won't be 
able to handle it.  Like it or not, that says a lot about this movie.


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