[EVA] Eva and Sailor Moon

Samuel Crider allosaur at Mcs.Net
Mon Jan 25 22:57:43 EST 1999

nekocat at northnet.net
> Right here!   (Reconciling the Rei wallscroll next to the computer with the
> Senshi figurines on the bookshelf...)   Which comes first, Second Impact or
> the Silence, hmm?

The fact the Sailor Moon story includes a mysterious Great Disaster that
transforms the world in the early 21st century *is* another... interesting
correspondence between the shows.
> Uh... I don't see a physical resemblance?   (Then again, I like Katsuragi
> more than Tsukino!)   Their bangs are similar in the way they fall over
> their foreheads though...
I was thinking they looked alike myself before I read someone state Misato
was intentionally designed to look like a 29 year-old Usagi. Never seen
a definite source for this or read Sadamoto say anything about it, so I
can't prove it.

Samuel Lewis Crider
allosaur at mcs.net

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