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> Samuel Crider wrote in message <199901260222.UAA60749 at Mercury.mcs.net>...
> >Tenchi MP
> >
> >> lol! ok, I'm always open to hearing new things (unless someone tells
> >> Sailor Moon is cool, that is =) 
> >
> >You might be surprised at the number of people who are both Sailor Moon
> >and Evangelion fans....

I am! I am! Me! Me!
> >Is the strong physical resemblance between Misato and Usagi entirely
> coincidental (same voice
> >actress )? 

No coincidence. A Gainax in-joke until Mitsuishi was signed as Misato's VA.

> ::: looks at Misato desktop image currently on computer monitor then
> at Usagi cel on wall :::
> Uh... I don't see a physical resemblance?   (Then again, I like Katsuragi
> more than Tsukino!)   Their bangs are similar in the way they fall over
> their foreheads though...

Tsukino is pretty cool..when she's acting more mature. (Near the end of SMR,
some of SMS and SM stars)
> >I recall reading one time that Anno himself worked some on Sailor Moon,
> >animated the Outer Senshi's transformation scenes, but I don't know
> >if that is really true or not.


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