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<< However, I doubt this was an intended 
 interpretation on the part of Sir Anno.  An English professor of mine 
 once told me that "finding intrepretations not intended by the author 
 has another name: making up absurb ****."  Therefore, I'd take what I'm 
 saying with several large grains of salt. >>

     I dunno- you see all of my English prof. kept grinding it into my head
that what the writer or authors intent was to a poem or play or whatever means
little- if only to try and figure out the author or creator- all of your
interpretations and views towards a piece of work help you and the author-
even if the author never intended you to interperet it that way- it all
depends on perception(which I think is part of the Meaning to Eva).  
     If a painter paints a man walking over a bridge- and on one side is a
lush landscape but on the other is a desolute barren place- what might you get
out of that? Maybe it symbolizes life and death- or rights of passage, where
if you went on one side it was sadness and on the other happiness.  But the
only thing the author intended was to paint a man walking over a bridge.
Whatever you get out of a work is your own- the meanings you have towards Eva
or a painting have only meaning to you.  It doesn't matter what the author
intended- what makes a work great is how each person interprets it(perception
again).  Thats what I believe makes Eva great compared to most anime- it makes
you think and interpret where most is just shown to you and set in stone.
    Just my opinion.

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