[EVA] The Horror of Evangelion (SPOILERS!!!)

Charles B Belter C-Belter at neiu.edu
Wed Jan 27 09:42:56 EST 1999

opinion time again!!!!

1. i think kaworu could control his synch rate. why doesn't he come right
out and prove this ability, you ask???? well if he were to come right out
and say "hey me and the evas are alike!!!! we're both biologically
angelic!!!", the opportunity to find adam wouldn't have presented it self
so easliy (granted all he found was lillith but he got to central dogma so
easily). if the tech. staff at nerv knew of his ablities, wouldn't they
either 1. try to eliminate him, or 2. try to subdue and study him
(studying a live angel would probably give more info than studying a dead
one, right???).

2. the anti-at-field didn't deprive humans of their souls, it only
deprived them of there mental, emotional, and physical barriers. during
the whole event of the third impact, didn't shinji hear random noise from
other peoples souls (or was that my t.v.)??? anyways the melting pot of
souls created by the impact didn't destroy the souls, it only combined
them into one big collectiveness (sp?)

3. if no human could come back, why did shinji and asuka reform into
humans???? if they couldn't come back, yui's little speech on "if humans
have a will to live, then they will", was for nothing and she was just

torch me if you must but remember its all opinion!!!

"deadly bulb, im about to right you a reality check!! or would you prefer
the cold hard cash of truth!!!" 
-the Tick

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