R: [EVA] Shinji=God? was: Just a question [spoilers?]

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Wed Jan 27 14:58:51 EST 1999

>>In the end, if he accepted to face reality as it was going to be, 
without happy-ending modifications, then it would be logical he'd do so 
as a human, along with Asuka and the others that eventually would return 
to human form.<<

No, because during the parts in which he was in the sea of LCL, there's 
no indication  as to whether or not the things he saw (the 
merged-at-the-base-with-Ayanami thing and the 
talking-to-Kaworu-and-Rei-at-different-places thing) were in his own 
mind, a manisfestation of his AT-field in the LCL, or something Rei did. 
There's a 33.3(repeat)% chance that they were his own creation, and 
since the third impact was technically over by then, he shouldn't be 
able to do that, right? I come to the conclusion that there's a chance 
that he may be able to control the LCL with his AT-field, in which case, 
he's "God." 


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