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Wed Jan 27 16:41:22 EST 1999

Was he (keel) the soldier who spit on Christ?  That is what supposidely
made him immortal.  I think that the Lance is suppossed to be the same
one that pierced Christ while he was on the cross.  However, if this is
the case, why is it so big?  Why do they call Lilith an Angel when in the
Jewish religion, Lilith was the first wife of Adam who then became a
demon and spawned the "Lilim" culture, a culture of witches, giants, and

"I do believe that that song is the Highlight of the Lilim
culture"-Kawru, the final messenger

Trunks32 at juno.com

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999 01:53:01 -0500 Jerico <jmele at brandeis.edu> writes:
><I think he may be linked to the cursed wandering jew who was to
>supposed to wander the world until the end.>
>Someone else came up with that, too! I'm not crazy after all! It would
>explain how he got the lance (if I'm thinking of the same wandering 
>you are), it was his to begin with. It could also be that I'm taking 
>Biblical allusions a bit farther than intended. I'm curious, how did 
>get the idea Keel was immortal? (I share it too, and I don't know why,
>though I file it in my 'Thinking too much about Eva' drawer.)
>Life wouldn't be half as hard if I was only a little less stupid.
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