[EVA] Intro's

George Chen gchen at community.net
Wed Jan 27 21:03:46 EST 1999

Well, there are some other hidden things in the OP...

As stated by the line note of Genesis 0:14 LD, the naked Rei that sat on the
floor in cut 71 was suppose to be a younger Rei which implies that Rei grown
up in a laboratory environment.

Also, the first cut of single light source in a dark space also implied the
creation of the universe/Genesis. The symbol that appear after that is the
"Angle of Wisdom". These are confirmed facts noted by the liner note taken
out from the original story board.

Finally, the mysterious letters appear at the very end of the OP is from the
Secret Dead Sea Scroll.

BTW, please don't start anymore religious related thread even though the
"Angle of Wisdom" is in the OP. Please. ^_^;

>>I was wondering if any of you can point out any other interesting
> things I should watch out for.
> There is a nice side-view of Misato covering her chest with her hands -
> which makes *no* sense except to say Gainax isn't the well-oiled machine
> that they claim to be.....and it looks cool.


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