[EVA] Eva-ZGundam was:Kaji is alive!

EBJ e.barone at flashnet.it
Wed Jan 27 19:30:24 EST 1999

>I think Tomino's angst masterpiece might be 1985's Zeta Gundam. Hope Bandai
>and animevillage get them over soon. Umm, relating this to Evangelion, um,
>think Zeta Gundam was an influence on Evangelion. That, and the Ideon.

Well Z is surely angsty, there are few gifted/cursed individuals who can use
enhanced mobille suits with psi powers, doesn't end exactly happily, yes,
something's similar, but I dunno, maybe just coincidence (there's a lot of
less known stuff both on paper and on tape that goes by the forementioned
lines, so...(don't ask me examples, I got fever, don't wanna force my brain)

Damn, my mail server is down!
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