R: [EVA] (OT) Gundam, Brain Powerd, Ideon etc etc

EBJ e.barone at flashnet.it
Thu Jan 28 10:54:28 EST 1999

>Never saw the original Tekkaman, but I'm pretty sure Gekiganger doesn't
>come from any one robot anime...I've seen bits of Mazinger Z, Getta
>Robo, and even a throwaway reference or two to Evangelion.

Oh come on, Gekiganger comes from these robot series with standard
characteristics like three main characters (tall-slender-lonewolf,
short-fat-strong-stupid, wildhaired-tormented-leader), a combining robot,
exasperated poses and faces, wind blowing their hair, explosions a go-go,
(and maybe also Tokyo burning every episode, something that drew the
convinction here in Italy that the city was bio-mechanical and would
therefore 'heal' itself each time just in time to be destroyed again)? Any
references to eva should be seeked in Nadesico rather than in Gekiganger, or

Oh, and I really don't see what original Tekkaman has to do with Geki,
unless I'm missing something on Geki's side, for OTkMan I've seen 6 times
the whole series.

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