[EVA]pseudo-sex(spoilers, MPHFY)

Brendan Jamieson bjamieson83 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 29 10:07:43 EST 1999

Jesse Smith wrote:
>What do you mean by "seriously meant"? 

-> I mean that this isn't a Shinji-Rei sex scene in the Hollywood sense. 
I'm not it qualifies as sex in the Japanese standard either. 

>It's definitely supposed to suggest it.

-> That doesn't mean that it is sex.

>"Don't you want to be one with me?  It could be very, very pleasant."

-> Isn't this the point of Human Complement Project? To become one and 
lose all the pain that seperation brings; or achieve 'pleasure'? There 
is a rather large amount of discussion about "becomming one" and I am 
positive that it's not all sexual in reality- as far as its connotations 
are concerned; that's personal interpretation. When Shinji watches 
Misato and Kaji have sex in Eps 26, she tells him "our bodies are 
becomming one and you are seeing a part of me you never knew. The truth 
hurts. You have to bear it." Was she saying that Shinji was having sex 
with her, too? No. She's explaining HCP.

Also, if I'm not mistaking, Rei says something about "our bodies are now 
one. But if you wish for another's existance again, fear of people and 
pain will return..." Is this sexual in nature too?


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