[EVA] EoE spoilers!

Tenchi MP tenchimp at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 29 20:43:16 EST 1999

oh damn it! I just wrote this leter then acidently hit cancel...hotmail 
needs a 'are you sure?' option =(

From: compiler at pacbell.net wrote:
>> -> Wha? That quote of the RCB is are creator's explanation. I don't
>> understand what you need...
>I need to see the RCB myself!!! Where can I read it? I've heard so much
>about the RCB and yet I know nothing about it (poor wording, be kind).

Don't you list elders ever get tired of repeating yourselves?
come on guy! If you really wanted to read it you could look through the 
archives. Hell BJ was kind enough to even post the addy's for you.

I haven't read them just because I dont have the time. I guess I'm not 
fanatic enough ;)

hmmm....strangely enough i've noticed my love for Eva seriously waning. 
I dont know, maybey it was after watching VOE, or maybey it was just 
after I saw EOE...sigh...

-Tenchi MP
"Escaflowne's pain is my pain. The pain of war"-Van/Vision of Escaflowne

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