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Tenchi MP tenchimp at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 30 18:14:07 EST 1999

Ok, i've been re-watching Eva again now that I'm done with VOE. Actually 
I'm not hating it as much as I did at first. I think I disliked it so 
much simple because I like Vision of Escaflowne so much. 

anyway here are some questions.

1)When Aska's fighting the angel in 'magma diver', after she is done 
Shinji dives down and catches her before she falls....how the hell is 
this possible? they bitched about the incredable temperatures, and even 
the D type equipment was cracking, how could unit-01 have dove down 
there in standard equipment?

2) In the eppisode where that spider angel attacks (forgot his name or 
number) Shinji takes him out with a regular gun....umm... It was my 
understanding that these wepons dont work against the angels. In all the 
other instances where he shoots them, nothing happens. But this angel 
just colapses and explodes. Why?

3)After Shinji finaly escapes from the sea of Durrak *spelling* (by the 
way that was a kick ass scene! I forgot how cool it looked) he says "I 
just wanted to see them one more time" ....what the hell is he talking 

4)What were those little kids on the bus laughing at? When Shinji was 
opening and closing his hand?...was it...umm...nevermind =P

5)Why the hell did Rei get so embarased when Shinji said that she looked 
like a mother? She really blushed at that one! =)

6)Why did Aska freak so much after she kissed Shinji? after all she was 
the one that asked for it.

heh..well these are just some questions that have surfaced durring my 
re-watching, I'll probably come up with some more as I get further into 
it. Sighh....I like Kajji a lot more this time around

-Tenchi MP
"If your so hot, Katsuragi, why dont you take off your shirt?"-Kaji/Neon 
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