[EVA] Observations from EoE [Spoilers!]

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Sat Jan 30 18:28:37 EST 1999

Billy wrote:

>>- Rei's arm falling off was... I dunno, some sort of mix between odd 
>>  disgusting.
>If it was the anti-AT field being generated, how come it was only her 
>falling off and Gendo's all fine?

I still dont get the point of that scene. I think Gendo said something 
like 'your body can no longer hold its form' ....but it still didn't 
make to much sense why that would be so. Does anyone know? And why the 
hell was Rei naked through the WHOLE movie? It got a little disturbing 
seeing a naked 1 armed Rei with Gendo pushing his arm through her breast 
=P ...oh yea, for a sec I thought he was doing something perverted, 
*when she groaned, and how far down his hand was going* then I 
remembered that he was implanting adam
>>- I'm not sure if Rei betrayed Gendou... so much as chose Shinji.
>No, not only that but remember the broken glasses?  Rei III rejected 
>from the beginning.

yea, She dumped him. I'm still not to clear on WHY she rejected him 
though....Is it just because after geting more and more...feelings?..she 
decided she wanted to give man its own choice?

>>- The MP Evas grow a human face.. is it Rei's? I can't really tell, 
>>  the MPEGs seem to be saturated.
>I have the same version, from what I can tell they're Rei's faces.  Can
>somebody with a better quality copy tell?

wow? doesn't anyone got the real movies? For my next viewing I'm gona 
put it up on my fathers 60"! To bad the movie isn't in surround sound *I 
dont think* anyway, yea, they do have Rei faces...that was very 
disturbing shit! especially when they all killed themselves

>I think Shinji really does like Asuka if not love, but is confused by 
>because she refuses to open up to him as noticed in the train scene.  I 
guess he started strangling Asuka because he was just frustarated at her 
not understanding and loving him back.

I'm confused on the whole Aska Shinji thing! In some of these earlier 
eppisodes, she seems to really like him, Like when he saves her in 
'magma diver'....I dont understand how they feel about eachother, does 
she love him? Does he love her? Anyone got any theories on this?

>>- Maya seems to find some sort of answer, some way of stopping it. But 
then Ritsuko-Rei comes, and she turns into LCL without finishing >>it.

after watching that scene, I really do think Maya was a lesbian, Ritsuko 
kinda hugged her from behind...
>How come he was terrified of the 10 Rei's behind him and how come they
>didn't morph into anything?

yea that confused me a bit to...he's a musicion right? heh..mabybey he 
was just fried and thought it was a bad trip =)..why didn't they change 
into anything though? I dont get that...mabybey he really is a pedafile

-Tenchi MP
"..But the war will end now. May Gaea find true peace"-Folkens dying 
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