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Sat Jan 30 19:57:52 EST 1999

>2) In the eppisode where that spider angel attacks (forgot his name >or 
number) Shinji takes him out with a regular gun....umm... It was >my 
understanding that these wepons dont work against the angels. In >all 
the other instances where he shoots them, nothing happens. But >this 
angel just colapses and explodes. Why?
Matarael, the Ninth.  It's AT Field had already been neutralized by Unit 
02 (Asuka in the offense position).  If someone hadn't pulled the plug 
on NERV, then they would have been on equal footing and the fight would 
have ended with one of the EVAs stepping on the arachnid angel.

>3)After Shinji finaly escapes from the sea of Durrak *spelling* (by 
>the way that was a kick ass scene! I forgot how cool it looked) he 
>says "I just wanted to see them one more time" ....what the hell is >he 
talking about?
Dirac (I only like the Unit 01 vs. Unit 03 scene better).  The people 
that mattered to him (Misato, etc.).  But what interests me in this is 
that it mirrors one of his last statements in EoE.  The one where he is 
talking to Rei and Kaoru and the group shout of EVA cast is shown.  
Something to the effect of "what I felt then was real, I wanted to see 
them again" (or something like that).

>4)What were those little kids on the bus laughing at? When Shinji was 
>opening and closing his hand?...was it...umm...nevermind =P
I'm more interested in where he was going in that scene.  The announcer 
says something like "next stop Naga-o-tokei, convenient for the bushar, 
used books, and video games" (something like that). Anybody knows what 
this means? (Actually, I'm working on a fanfic from this singular scene, 
so input would be appreciated)

>6)Why did Aska freak so much after she kissed Shinji? after all she 
>was the one that asked for it.
She suddenly realized what she had done (been physically intimate with 
him, eventhough not necessarily emotionally).

BTW - glad some of you got a kick out of the Asuka choking Shinji pic.

Ketheres Elyion

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