[EVA] Some assorted Question

LdSephiros at aol.com LdSephiros at aol.com
Sun Jan 31 23:42:49 EST 1999

<< No, Shinji has "technically" only gone beserk three times.  Once in the
 first episode, another while obtaining the S² engine, and once again at
 the very end in EoE. >>

What about in Genesis 0:8?  Shinji at the edge of death, Unit-01 out of power,
over 900 N^2 mines about to be dropped on Tokyo-3.  Suddenly the dark Angel
cracks apart in a violent spasm and it's shadow splits and, to everybodys
shock, a thing resembling a demon drops out of it.  Unit-01.  Sound familiar?
I do believe that was berserker.  If you have proof otherwise more power to

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