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>Yes, but WHY does she choose to betray Gendou?

She flat out says: "I'm not your doll" Rei now understands that she can 
chose not to make Gendo into a god.

>I thought SEELE was, and that they were using Gendou and NERV to
>acomplish their goals.

No. SEELE wants evolution, and IMP can be a way to accomplice that. In 
the flashback episode, Fuyutsuki asks of Gendo "So you will propose the 
Instrumentality project to Seele?

>> Adam and Lillith BOTH are sources of life. They BOTH came in Great
>> Impact.
>So why is Lilith emphasized so much more? What is the real purpose of
>Adam anyway?

Adam isn't emphasized, because hes an embryo being used by NERV as clone 
fodder. We see Lillith more, so they emphasize her. But as Misato 
states, they are both sources of life.

>Does IMP mean Instrumentality? How could Evas stop HIP anyway?

Simple. Unit02 could have stopped it, if she had destroyed EVA series, 
Shinji could have, if the lance hadn't returned. Evas can screw up the 
elements needed, since they are cloned of the sources of life.

>According to the RCB, it's small.

Small, but hugely dense. And I think that was in reference to SI.

>If they didn't write their plans, then who did?

Unknown, a previous civilization, the being who gave birth to Adam and 
Lillith, Adam and Lillith, the lance, it could be anyone. But, since 
SEELE doesn't know everything about the angels(Their interrogation of 
Misato) they probably didn't write it.

>What's IIRC?

If I Remember Correctly

>I thought civil war broke out on a global scale. When was WWIII

The equivilant of WWIII I meant. 

>Sorry, but, where/when does this happen? Elaborate please? 

That was the greek myth of Pandora's box. When it was opened, then hope 
would dissapear. Thus, you don't wanna open it.

Any MORE questions...?
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