[EVA] Burden of proof [EOE (Spoilers)] (addition)

MMKokusai mmk at gol.com
Sat Mar 6 14:04:19 EST 1999

Sorry, I forgot to deal with one item, lest it be thought that I am
running away from the argument.

>>Rei was born of Lilith (Soul derived from Lilith, Body derived from 
Lilim, and by extension Lilith), has the body of an angel (Lilim is an 
angel), has the soul of an angel (any soul derived from Lilith would 
technically be angelic), exhibits the attributes of the angel 
(self-evident), and "appears" in the correct order (17th, as she and 
Tabris "appear" at about the same time). Assuming that Kaworu isn't the 
original Tabris, is she?

-> Not in my opinion. I feel that Tabris is most likely listed in the
SDSS as one of the Angels born from Adam (ie: one of the trials that
humankind must undergo before Third Impact).
This would eliminate Rei, because she is derived from Lilith.

Also, it has been suggested by someone else on the ML (sorry, I forget
who) that all angels 3 - 17 might have had Adam's soul. Why? Well, we
never see two or more of the Angel's simultaneously (:P), and it appears
that Third Impact is initiated by the return of a 'soul' to its 'host'
(ie: Rei (Lilith's soul) to Lilith (body), or 3rd to 17th Angel (Adam's
soul) to Adam (body).) Assuming that this is true, then it is the soul
that matters rather than the body, and Kaworu (having Adam's soul) could
qualify as the original 17th Angel.


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