[EVA] Eva production cels

MMKokusai mmk at gol.com
Tue Mar 9 03:03:35 EST 1999

>>Thanks for explaining what the card is for. It makes me want to send 
in mine too. Since I don't read any Japanese at all, I would like some 
assistance in filling out the card.

-> No problem.
Front side, in order from top to bottom, left to right:
(Largest box) Address
(Next line) Name / Age / Telephone number
(Next line) Data purchased (YY MM DD)
(Next line) Where purchased (City / Store name)
(Bottom row from left to right) Male (top box)/Female (bottom box)
Educational level (circle one): [A] Elementary school [B] Junior high
school [C] High school [D] Junior College [E] College/University [F]
Other school [G] Company employee [H] Public employee [I] Self-employed
[J] Housewife [K] Other (fill it in if you want to)

Back side:
Boxes [A] to [E] (described in earlier post - mark one)
(Large blank at bottom) Comments - not related to drawings
You can write a comment if you like, but it's doubtful that anyone will
read it unless it's in Japanese.

>>What address do I mail it to? (I guess the Norwegian postal service 
will be quite puzzled if I simply drop the card as is in the mailbox ;-)

-> Affix the proper postage for international air mail and write "Japan"
somewhere near the address. That will get it to Japan and the Japanese
postal service can do the rest.
Incidentally, the address on the postcard is King Records - not GAiNAX.

>>Also, what else does the card say? Does it speak of some other goodies 
to be redeemed by it? Does it ask any market research questions?

-> No other goodies - market research mentioned above.

>>And, lastly: does it mention any specific rules about entering the 
contest? (Like, only applicable to Japanese, living in Japan, or some 

-> There are no specific rules mentioned, and it does say that
'everyone' purchasing the Box Set is eligible. However, the fact that
it's all in Japanese might suggest something. ¬_¬
Still, it's only a postage stamp, and you never know...

>>(gradually getting the idea that this hobby would be easier if he 
actually understood Japanese...)

-> Things are always better in their original language. :)
(It's kind of like watching the original French production of "Nikita"
and then seeing the Hollywood version "Assassin".)


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