[EVA] [AUS] Repeat broadcast of Evangelion

Tim Hulme T0Mb at Mindless.com
Thu Mar 11 22:44:55 EST 1999

I believe that on  10/03/99 ,  Ernest_Ng at proctors.com.au told me

>Tim Hulme wrote:
>>>I just heard that SBS in Australia has decided to broadcast a repeat
>>>screening of Eva on Monday nights.  It will start in a couple of weeks
>>>and will be replacing South Park.
>>Hey, has the first run finnished yet?
>SBS is screening 2 episodes every Saturday (they just broadcast episodes
>& 20 last Saturday) so the first run should be finished in less than 3

ahh right, I bought em so I haven't been bothered watching them on SBS.
thanx man


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