[EVA] English Genesis 11 Critical

Oska Archer archer at senet.com.au
Sat Mar 13 20:32:04 EST 1999

Darn! Forgot to change an address in a reply and my cover's been blown!
Sorry for the last post, which didn't fit the list regulations on content

Anyway, to stay on topic, I just wish to say that after watching... some
parts of eps 21 and 22 I still think that ADV did an apalling (sp?) job.
Naoko sounded like Gillian Anderson with hemeroids. Yui sounded like a
street-walker. Misato overacts even when she's thinking! Fuyutsuki really
went off at Gendou when he visited Gehrin for the first time, didn't he? It
was soo OOC, and I'm talking about the show itself here! I missed Asuka's
German conversation, but from what I could hear from the dinner table, I
may well have done myself a service.

That's all for now.

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