[EVA] Thirty years ago (Happy birthday to me ^_^;;)

Mark Page ayanami at merlin.net.au
Thu Mar 18 08:03:25 EST 1999

Dear peoples....

On March 18, 1969, the world was cursed with the birth of one Mark Andrew
Page.  Now he is 30 years old, and beginning the downward spiral to
becoming an old man for real.  ^_^

Since I intend to grow old disgracefully, this will probably become a rocky
road for everyone around me (though, lord knows, this won't be a huge
change in my behaviour thus far ^_^;;).

So have a good day, blessed as it is by the eeeevil DDFA, and I hope the
weather is better than it is here.  (Trust my birthday to fall on the one
day of the week where it rains -_-).



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