To HCP or not to HCP (was [EVA] Shinji and HCP)

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Mon Mar 22 16:59:40 EST 1999

[SPOILERS for TV ending and EoE]

To HCP or not to HCP - That is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler to offer outrageous debates based on opinion,
Or to make effort to find relevant facts and by such action prove them.
To seek... to seek, perchance to find
Aye, that's the rub...

(frantically ducking rotten fruit, bricks and other thrown objects)

Without saying which is right or wrong, let's examine the facts:
(Just the facts, Ma'am)

1. EoE is the originally planned ending.
However, fierce opposition from PTAs, etc. throughout Japan forced TV
Tokyo/GAiNAX to redo the last two episodes from a late stage, thus
creating the time and budget restrictions that resulted in the use of
telops, still frames and the infamous stick figure animation.
Given these severe time and budget restrictions, GAiNAX is probably not
going to create a 'completely' different storyline, as seen by the use
of similar scenes (ie: Gendo with Rei, Asuka in EVA-02 underwater,
Misato and Ritsuko's bodies, etc.) and the similarity between many of
the lines between the TV endings and the psychological scenes in EoE.
While this does not prove that the TV ending and EoE are the same, it
can at least be said that the two are similar in terms of setting. (I
can see someone dragging out the 'alternate reality' argument here...)

2. It is my understanding that the RCB, produced by GAiNAX and
translated by Patrick Yip, clearly states that the TV series and EoE
diverge into separate endings. (Does this mean diverge in terms of
reality? in terms of physical vs. mental aspects? something else?)

3. In eps 26, the telop does read "complementation of the mind/heart" as
was pointed out earlier. However, in eps 25, the telops immediately
before and after the title screens clearly say "The complemenation of
mankind has begun," "The complemenation of the soul has begun" and "The
complemenation of mankind *which will return everything to nothing* has
begun." This clearly shows that HCP (= Third Impact a la EoE) has
started. Thus, Third Impact occurs in both endings.
In addition, Shinji's lines during these telops are: "What is this
feeling? It's a feeling I've had this once before (eps 19 + 20 when
Shinji is 'absorbed') - the feeling of my body's form disappearing. It
feels good - like I'm becoming larger, expanding ever outward."
Gendo's lins at this time is: "All hearts will become one, and find
everlasting peace."

4. At the end of eps 26 in the Film Book (the "congratulations" scene),
the Film Book describes Shinji's smiling face as "the complemented
Shinji". Thus, at the very least 'mental' complementation (ie: of the
heart) occurred in the TV series. However, we also know that 'physical'
complementation failed in EoE as Shinji rejected Third Impact and opted
for a separate existence with A.T. Fields.
Now, the question is: are mental and physical complementation separate?
or are then inextricably linked? In other words, is losing one's A.T.
Field (separate identity) necessary for mental complementation? or can
mental complementation equal learning to live with one's own and other's
A.T. Fields (maturing and learning to deal with the world and one's own
identity) as has been suggested earlier in this thread?

I am sure there are other 'facts' that can also be examined, but this
post is already getting pretty long, so I will stop here.
My opinion is that while SEELE's HCP definitely failed (EoE), some form
of mental complementation/maturation did occur within Shinji himself,
thus giving the rest of humanity the ability to also make that choice as
pointed out by Rei/Kaworu/Yui in EoE. Now, is the TV ending a depiction
of this mental complementation (a subset of EoE)? or is it an entirely
different thing altogether? Well, I'll leave that up to you to argue. :)

(Why did Anno flash "congratulations" on the screen at the end of the TV
ending? Well, he probably wanted to say "congratulations for surviving
through almost an hour of telops and stick figures." ¬_¬)

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