[EVA]Shinji and HCP-MAJOR SPOILERS for 0:13 & EOE

Jesse Smith jdsmith at shell.servtech.com
Wed Mar 24 04:01:19 EST 1999

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999 21:35:12 -0600, brendan jamieson <bjamieson at ameritech.net> said:

> And I suppose you think EoE is a happy film.

I don't think it's a "depressing" film.  EoE is a film which comes to
terms with the fact that life can be painful and that it can be scary
to try to connect with other people, but also that that pain and that
fear are worth it.

> He is accepting HCP and throught HCP he accepted himself

Instrumentality would mean there *is* no "himself".  Therefore how can
he accept himself through it?

> But don't you see? The way I see it, this is symbolic of Shinji
> removing his AT-Field and willingly becomming part of the whole. He
> accepted that HCP gave him his identity (while taking it) and showed him
> he could exist as he wanted to.

Shinji realizes that the thing that gives him his identity is the fact
that he is different from other people.  He can only exist if he is
different from other people.  Instrumentality makes everyone the same,
and removes that identity.

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