The Room of Gauf (Was Re: [EVA] Asuka's status in EoE)

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Thu Mar 25 22:36:21 EST 1999

>"According to religious beliefs, when a new baby is born on planet Earth,
>or she gets the soul from the Room of Gauf in heaven. However, during the
>course of the Evangelion series, Ritsuko points out that there are no souls
>left in the Room of Gauf: it is empty.....there are no more souls to spare
>except for the salvaged souls in the Room of Gauf."

I wondered what the hell they were talking about.  Is Lillith's egg the
"real" Room of Gauf, since the souls end up going in it during HCP?  Just
wondering, course they also get sucked into Lillith too.

>I believe this to mean that reincarnation is part of the Eva Universe.

Yeah, there's also the whole transferal of souls from Adam to Kaoru and
Lillith to Rei thing that I forgot about, as well as the whole idea of
"syncing" with an Eva, allowing your soul to partially leave your body and
control the Eva's body.  This certainly implies that souls are discrete
units than can be moved and exchanged through fleshly bodies.  I'm sold.

>Also, I'm not sure what you mean by the 'finality' of death in Eva. I see
>death as just the end of your physical life (in Eva), and the soul as
>eternal. This would explain Yui's soul's presence in Unit01, as well as the
>souls that inhabit the numerous Rei's.

Eh.  I just like the idea of having to make the best of your life, as its
all you have, but reincarnation fits quite well.  The only thing I can think
against reincarnation is... WHOAH!  I just had an Epiphany!  Remember how
they mention that the population growth of mankind was incredibly slow in
the kids' school, and how hardly any new children were being born?
This implies that there ISN'T reincarnation.  You're still right - the Room
of Gauf IS empty, which means that soon there will be no more people being
born at all!  I wondered why the teacher mentions this, it must mean that
the last few drips of souls were being squeezed out of the Room of Gauf,
which is why SEELE felt justified in ending the world, since no more people
were ever going to be born anyway.  Hmmmmm... still plenty of room for
interpretation, I even kinda think both theories may work together (ie
perhaps reincarnation does occur, but not enough to keep up with the demand
of new births, resulting in continued, but lessened population growth).
Neat.  :)

Jed Wahl
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