[EVA] First reactions to the last two episodes [spoiler?]

James Gilmer grey7 at ismi.net
Sat Mar 27 18:59:38 EST 1999

>>It was really just a self-indulgent amateur philosophy hour, wasn't it?

    Okay, I can see that viewpoint. But even if that is what it was is that
so horrible?He was banging out his emotions and ideas in the medium of
anime.  He stated that is what he was going to do at the start. Now, I'm not
going to rant and rave about what a *genius* and *god* Anno was. I think he
was a talented, yet troubled, creator who came up with a show I like quite a
bit. Your reasons ,and Mark Page's and others, reasons for disliking it are
just as valid as mine for liking it. Sorry you don't share the opinion but
hey, I prolly don't like your fave show either :-)

>>It is much like what Patrick McGoohan did with The Prisoner, which met
>>a similar reaction from duped fans: destroying the reality of what had
>>before and leaving a metaphorical mind-fuck as a monument to his flawed
>>creation.  One distinction is that the techniques used to demolish our
>>suspension of disbelief in Evangelion employ not only text and imagery but
>>the characteristics of the medium itself - sketches ("This is a cartoon"),
>>pixels ("This is television"), photography ("This is not real").  Clever
>>the techniques were, they were more self-destructive than edifying of the
>>series.  After the "stage" images I was waiting to see images of a rabbit
>>being pulled out of a hat, these may have been somewhat more apt. :-)
>How many seasons did The Prisoner run?  I believe it was one, two at the
>most.  This would indicate to me that the creator had inteded to have the
>ending as it was presented, from the beginning

Yup, point of order, Prisoner was supposed to run a full season but the
growing budget forced ITC to cancel the full episode order. The episode that
would become the penultimate one was already filmed and a bridge was formed
in the script so it lead into the final episode which becomes the famous
"mind-f**k" episode. However, McGoohan had always known what the Prisoner
was about in his mind. Over the course of filming he transformed it from
George Markstein's (the co-creator) vision into his own, the metaphor of
question thyself given at the end. I for one love the Prisoner as is :-)

>>This is one of the dangers and temptations of speculative fiction that
>>Asimov once wrote an essay about (and was guilty of himself).  The
>>Instrumentality Project was so much of an artifice that one almost wonders
>>why Anno decided to bother justifying it in the context of the narrative
>>all.  The disparity between the first episodes and the last episodes shows

    Disparity? Perhaps the evolution of the series. Perhaps he just decided
he didn't want to end it in the conventional manner. I think Shinji's view
of the sitcom alternate reality in episode 26 is Anno saying, "Hey, so is
this what you otaku want? Is this the anime you wanted to watch. All bright
and sunshine and cookie cutter characters?"

>>him up, I think: I can see no way to avoid the conclusion that he wished
>>have his populist cake and eat it too with an overblown transcendental
>>he hoped would prevail over the mediocrity of the balance of the work.

    ...or he was trying to prove a point to anime fans and got pissed when
they couldn't see his point. Whether you agree with said point or not is up
to you. It's not my place to say your POV is wrong. I'm just trying to
explain mine. Thanks:-)

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