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Mon Nov 1 00:05:17 EST 1999

> Actually, gravity is an extremely good force to use. The other four
> forces each have their drawbacks. Electromagnetism generally gets
> canceled out since their are positive and negitive quantities;

Something it shares with ATFields, although for different reasons...

> strong
> and weak atomic repulsion are both limited to ludicriously small
> distances of interaction.

Yes, but I thank anyway for their existance (besides, weak has been unified
with EM).

> Gravity has no limit to the quantity of force
> that you can generate, it can only be nullified by application of
> another hyperspace geometrical construct tailor made to the generators

But it can be countered, for example, with a 10^39 less powerful electrical

> (thus the AT field nullification) and it can reach out to long distances
> with more frequency than any of the other forces. Infact, in terms of
> macroscopic phenomena visible to humanity, gravity dictates the majority
> of them.

I'm sending this thread off the window instead of off topic by saying this,
but it all depends to the scale you look the picture from.

> All of these ideas are atleast marginally grounded in theory. I simply
> don't know enough about the math (and at this point I don't think I'll
> ever know enough) to judge how realistic they are, even theoretically.
> And because I can't tell how wacky they are I'll try not to make
> grandoise claims of scientific authenticity.

Did I give the impression of being doing so? Wasn't meant.

> Hell, I keep jumping when I hear about massive neutrinos.

"Look, a massive neutrino!" :Þ

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