[EVA] GoS Playstation

Steven Chendra sc36 at uow.edu.au
Mon Nov 1 15:41:14 EST 1999

> I don't have web access, so I can't order anything from web sites, so is there any one on the list in Australia that can help me. I'm looking for the Playstation game Girlfriend of Steel.
> Even if it is only a pirate copy. Thanks.
> )sorry about this being a little of topic.)

Hi man....i'm also in Australia now, and i don't know if this might help
you or not, in Sydney, there are couple of PlayStation stores at the
Chinatown, and they also do some Japanese games, i haven't try to look for
the Girlfriend of Steel for PlayStation yet, but if you live nearby
Sydney, maybe you want to check it out. The stores are at Sussex Center
and the Market City, i also knew that there is a big import shop at
Brisbane that'll do import games via phone (credit card or maybe cheque).

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