[EVA] Injustice in theaters (Slightly OT)

Elise Taylor taylort at airmail.net
Mon Nov 1 21:32:00 EST 1999

IMO, there are very few Americanized (read, butchered) anime series that
are any good.  From what I've seen of the American Sailor Moon,
Dragonball Z, and Pokemon, they're travisties of true anime.  Now, I'm
not Japanese, but I'm pretty sure that Haruka and Michiru (SM) were not
intended to be "very close sisters."  I do have to respect these animes,
Let me share a story (my friends will tell you I constantly tell
stories).  Once, I was at the local comic book shop, perusing the anime
selection.  Specifically, the manga.  I saw little children, ages 9-12,
at the counter, trying the haggle the best possible deal for their
Pokemon cards.  Now, what does this teach us?  As I told the children's
parents at the time: This addiction will only lead to more - I spend way
too much of my money on anime.  
But onwards the the benefits of Americanized anime: It brings in more
viewers for other anime.  Pokemon cards teach not only responsibility
(little kids keeping track of valued posessions without damaging them),
but how to use and respect money.  It gives them a boost of control that
they would not otherwise have.  After all, when you were that young, did
you have any control over your life?

So, we continue to our specific example: Pokemon in the theatre.  Is it
a good idea?  YES.  Making the movie and marketing it creates and
maintains jobs of American workers.  It also serves to lessen the hatred
that some Americans feel towards anime, and therefore paves the way for
other series to be made.

Ohhhh....I must emphasize one thing: I DO NOT CONDONE IN ANY WAY the
Americanization of Rurouni Kenshin.  I have seen the previews of the
dub, and I promptly told all my RL anime friends that if they ever
bought a tape, I would be forced to maim them.  The butchering of this
wonderful anime is nothing but an attempt to make money, and should be
halted at all costs.  Okay, rant done, back to the regularly scheduled

Moral of the Story: Pokemon in theatres sucks, but Americanized anime
mostly (with a few exceptions) is a good thing because it gives little
kids a common ground to stand on (reguardless of race, creed, or money),
teaches them responsibilities, creates jobs, and paves the way for
better anime to be brought to the big screen.

And the scary thing is, I've actually thought about this often...

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