[EVA] Injustice in theaters

Kelly Edwards ryoga at cybersouth.com
Tue Nov 2 00:37:45 EST 1999

Okay, I feel I do need to come out of the super lurker mode on this one.

First of all, your personal feelings about the validity of pokemon vs EVa as
quality anime is irrelevant.  Despite how anime otaku may feel about it, we
should remember that first and foremost the anime companies (Gainax,
Nintendo, whoever) are in the business to make money.  Period.

This is why (as others have rightly pointed out) that the EVA movies will
never have a wide theater release.  There is very limited market support,
and the people who run the anime companies are not stupid (well not
entirely).  They know to release a movie with limited support would be
financial suicide.  It is basic business strategy at work here people, not
some kind of fiendish plot to "keep the otaku down".

As pointed out already, Pokemon has been very well marketed, and the support
is there for the movie.  If the support wasn't there, the movie would not be
released in theaters.  I don't need to point out the reasons why Eva would
do horrible in theaters as many others have already pointed those out.

Let's think about it, if you were in any mall in america and went up to 10
different people and asked them if they ever heard of pokemon, how many
would say yes?  And how many of those 10 do you think would know of

If you think about that then you should realize it is not injustice, it is
good business...and that my friends is the way the world works (whether you
are talking about money and theaters or bartering cattle...business is

Okay enough ranting...back to lurking.

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