[EVA] AT Fields and Dummy plugs.

ranma danw at 3dnet.com.au
Thu Nov 4 09:37:59 EST 1999

> Now after every single idea I have had has been shot to the 
> ground. Could someone please tell me the explanation for AT 
> fields working while the Dummy plugs are in control of the Eva's 
> and the EVA series. And who was the pilot of Evangelion unit 04? 
> Wouldn't Nerv need a pilot to try a test activation of an 
> evangelion, S2 engine or not?

Not gonna go into the dummy plug/at field thing.

Unit 04 never recieved a pilot, as it had never been finished. The
activation test was the test to see if it all worked.

But it HAD to blow up, didn't it?


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