Ooops....& [EVA] Laughing/Sobbing/Bleeding/Melting?

I-Ming Chen roddd at
Thu Nov 4 19:28:57 EST 1999

> Okay, let's think about the sequence of trying to enter the entry
> plug in mid-battle. The plug has to unscrew itself and the hatch must
> open. What, the Eva is on auto-pilot *without* the plug in place?

Yes, that is correct. The EVA is actually on "auto-pilot." Go back and watch
the scene again. (No insults intended.) But you'll note that Misato asks
Shinji to lock the current commands for the EVA (which would be to hold the
Angel in place). I noticed that piece of dialog on my fourth time watching

> Anyway, somehow Touji and Kensuke enter the plug. They notice the
> liquid and comment on the wetness, but the plug refilling itself
> with LCL and drowning them fails to make an impression. Am I missing
> something here? Or did GAiNAX skim on the details to move along the story?

Yeah, I do admit that they skimp on a lot of detail there. But I don't think
anyone would really, really, really be interested in Touji and Kensuke
coughing, barfing, or feeling nauseated. :)

At least we see hear Kensuke complain how his camera is going to get wet,
and we also see both of them holding to their noses as the lights come on.

> LCL regeneration system? Are you sure it wasn't the filter system?
> david

No, I'm pretty sure they said regeneration system. At least that's what the
ADV sub-title says. I'm sure the EVAs also have a filtration system to keep
yucky stuff out of the cockpit (we see it break down when the EVA runs out
of power while in the Sea of Dirac).

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