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   A few days someone asked if there was any info an the Ecological effects 
of the third impact. I got to wondering about that not to long ago and did 
some asking around. If it's ever said how much the oceans rose, it's not on 
any of the tapes it have. I'd heard 60 feet somewhere and since that sounded 
like a nice round number I went with it. Here's the responses I got.

Depends on how ya'll raise the sea level that 60 feet or so:):)  Geothermal 
warming resulting in shrinking (melting) polar ice caps??  Okay.  Basically 
then in North America:

  Most of what's east of the Appalachian mountains and west of the Rockies 
is gone.  With a big ol' pond right smack dab where the the great Salt Lake 
now is.  And the Great Lakes are not five individual Lakes anymore.  They're 
gonna expand and take out a big ol' chuck of Minnesota and Wisconsin and as 
far south as Illinois.  Florida is history along with most of the US Gulf 
Coast.  Wind patterns will shift- intensify.  No more deserts in
  Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico (this might take a spell).  The Father of 
waters (the Mississippi) is gonna get a hellava lot wider.  LOTS and LOTS of 
rain, everywhere.  Up north, Baffin Bay will expand and take out a major 
chuck of Canada, joining with Hudson Bay and the St.Lawrence River.  Alaska 
will lose a good deal of it's Arctic

  South America:

  Most of southern Mexico up to around the Sangre de Christos mountains is 
mort.  Lake Tenoctilan will expand and cover a lot of central Mexico.  And 
central America is gone, period.  The Andes in Peru on the western coast of 
S. American Coast will act as a barrier, but on the other eastern coast, the 
water is gonna raise and join with the Amazon river and cut what left of S. 
America just about in two.


Won't be much of Britain left ... maybe some scattered islands along the 
Cornish and Irish coasts.  The Spanish Costa del Sol is gone.  France is 
mostly okay except for the sea coat along Le Harve and such like.  The 
Middle and Low Countries are toast.  Italy is okay from
the Appennines on north.   Scandinavian will be probelmatic:  Denmark will 
be submerged but the rest will most likely be alright.  That's a pretty high 
coastline, rugged as all get out. Central and eastern Europe will be 
shielded by the Carpathians Mountains, most likely.
European Russia will be flooded along the Danube, Dneiper and Volga rivers 
which could exspand quite a bit. Germany will lose some coastline and might 
also have a problem with the Danube and Elbe rivers.  But the Tyrolean Alps 
will stop most anything else.


All gone.  With scattered exceptions like the major island of Hawaii and the 
Japanese island of Hokkaido, maybe parts of Java, Sumatra and Borneo, the 
Pacific will reign supreme.

Africa/Middle East:

Well, the Arabs and the Israelis ain't gonn be fightin' no more that's for 
certain.:):)  Write off the Sinai peninsula and replace it will one or two 
small islands (where Mount Sinai used to be, for example).  All the middle 
east is probably a shallow sea.  The Fertile Crescent (the delta for the 
Tigris-Euphrates river valley) is a big ol' pond now.  Same for the Nile in 
Africa.  Lake Chad is gonna get a LOT bigger.  Again weather patterns will 
change.  LOTS of rain.  No more Sahara desert.

Central Asia:

This will be pretty much unchanged except for some expanding rivers, mostly 
because it's so gol darned BIG.  And ain't nothing gettin' past the 
Himilayas and the Hindu Kush mountains.  Nothing.


Kiss New Zealand goodbye.  The Australian coast is pretty low and there 
ain't a mountain range in sight to stop the rising water.  Central Australia 
will be alright, Ah think.  But again with lots of rain the Kalahari desert 
is a  memory.

Other considerations:

Populations will shift. HUGELY.

A whole lot of some of the most arible land in the world are various river 
deltas which are gonna disappear.Now they will eventually be replaced with 
new delta lands ... but it's gonna take time.  And in the meantime, FOOD 
will be a big problem. Can ya'll spell F-A-M-I-N-E??  Ah knew ya'll 

Okay, not sure of the level of detail you want here but a rise of 60 feet in 
sea level would have catastrophic consequences. A rise of something around 
10 metres (35 feet) would basically inundate nearly all island nations and 
countries such as Bangladesh (built on a river delta) would cease to be. As 
many cities are built on the coastline, you'd find most major centres would 
be under water - particularly if you are talking a sudden rise of that 
level. Human population would be massively reduced and would have a lot of 
problems with agriculture etc. Basically it'd be four horsemen of the 
apocalypse time - and that's not even taking into account the changes it'd 
cause in the weather patterns!

A slow increase - ecological effects would include shoreline changes,
saltwater intrusion into coastal lands (devastating agriculture), flooding 
of coasts and structures on the coast and changes to coral reef structures.

In short, if the 2nd Impact had really happend, humanity would have gone the 
way of the dodo. Still, this is pretty cool info and I plan to use some of 
it in my fanfics.


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