[EVA][ITA]Evangelion toys and calendar

Briareos Kerensky darkwolf at tin.it
Sat Nov 13 18:56:43 EST 1999

This mail is addressed to anyone that wants to buy the Unit's new action 
figures (at 
http://i2.ac.yahoo.com/users/2/5/5/8/evatoys-img431x600-50eva01.jpg there 
is an image of unit 01), especially italian users of this mailing list. I 
found the figure of the 00 (blue), 01 and 02 in Milan, Yamato Shop, for 
85.000 £. They accept mail orders.
Also, in the same shop I found a calendar (year 2000, of course): it's an 
unofficial one, and it's imported by A&G Marco S.P.A.
The subjects are:
January: Rei and Asuka on a entry plug background
February: Rei and Maya (?). Rei is using a lipstick
March:Rei and Asuka on a bed. Half-dressed.
April:Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Kaworu, Toji and the 01.
May: Rei, Maya (?), Asuka, pastel rendering.
June: Rei, with a white robe, without shoes on a dark-background
July: Misato, without the red jacket
August: Asuka on a flaming background (I think it's the best image in the 
October:Funny one. Asuka ans Shinji look at a test-tube. Inside the 
cylinder Rei in a fetal position.
Novemeber: Rei with a flat-purple robe. It fights with August for the 1st 
December: NGE Addition's cover

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