R: [EVA] Rei's age

Michael D. Kalpowsky mdkst24+ at pitt.edu
Tue Nov 16 11:51:18 EST 1999

> That's interesting.. when Rei first appears she looks to be about 3 or 4
> years old.  Perhaps they used some accelerated growth technique on her for
> the first few months, then let her aging return to normal after that.

<Spoiler, can't remember the episode>
Does this mean that all of the Rei clones that you see in the tank were
developed at the same time?  This could be one reason why Ritsuko claims
that there can never be another clone of Rei (of course she could have
deleted the data pertaining to the clones).  Also, who's to say that the
Rei clones weren't conceived of while Yui was still alive in order to help
the Ikari's control second impact.  She would have been given a form of
some kind so why not Yui.  I could be wrong about all this.  I have read
too many fanfics at this point to remember too many of the facts from the
series.  I guess its time to run an Eva marathon again.   
Michael Kalpowsky
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