[EVA] NERV Central Dogma

fleep at apple.com.au fleep at apple.com.au
Thu Nov 18 15:22:45 EST 1999

at 21:59 -0500 99/11/17, shinjioo1 at aol.com wrote:
>could some one explain to me what the parts of nerv hq are?

hmmm...  there is no one definitive as far as i know but your best option is to get the following book :

neon genesis evangelion animation guide, special collection
isbn : 957-643-522-6 (this is from the archives as i dont have my book @ work)

floorplans for various homes (misato's, rei's, etc), general information such as city street designs, railways, general layout of tokyo-3 and the overall geofront layout, as well as certain places like the command center and the school, device designs (weapons, vehicles, weapon buildings, etc) and pictures of rei, asuka, shinji etc...


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