[EVA] effects after second impact

Fiona Saunders f_g_saunders at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 21 16:48:58 EST 1999

With all this talk about what happens with the face of
the Earth after second impact something just occurried
to be. Since the Antarctica is a land mass which is
not flat wouldn't second impact just make a big hole
in the land mass that would have just filled with
water and raise the oceans a bit and not completely
destoryed the land mass as it is surgested in the
serise. For one point to destory all Antarctica,
energy that would need to achive this would have
caused the Earth to become a rock dust ring around the
Sun. The only place on Earth that could raise the
ocean level, leave a grave yard with little ice berges
afloat would be the Arctic Ocean.

Maybe the writer used the Arctic Ocean first till the
idea come that Japan would then up total under water.
It just a thought.

One more thing that been bugging me, is where about
was the angle found in the Antarctica because Seele
would want to keep it a secert. The only place I could
find on my Atlas that would be an ideal place is the
only land mass that is not a dependency to another
country located near south america between the
brithish antarctic territory and the ross dependency.

 Fiona Saunders


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