[EVA] us DVD cover

George Chen gchen at community.net
Tue Nov 23 14:29:00 EST 1999

> ?!?!?!!?  What the hell do you think the DVD platform is for anyway?!?!?

Hum. So are you trying to flame me.

> It is always better to upgrade(especially considering the low price) to a much
> higher quality of video format.  By your logic there's no point in moving to
> the DVD format to begin with, please...

If you read my post closely, you'll see I didn't say anything bad about the
quality of DVD nor the platform.

What I am questioning is the need for the US fan getting this particular
anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion on US domestic DVD.
> As for commitment, though they didnt' release all the LD, DVD is another story
> altogether, it IS the format of the future, and ADV WILL support it, there is
> no reason why it wouldn't, and every advantage and reason why the WOULD.

Again, format is not what I am cautioning here. If there's a demand, I am
sure ADV will release Eva on Betamax as well. Unfortunately, there's no
market for it. 

Why US Eva LD failed? Because ADV priced it too high and under deliver in
terms of quality. Also, they took the wait and see attitude during that
time. The gap between the first LD and the second LD came out is something
like a full year at least.

Again, it is the track record issue with ADV, and stop the hype. You want my
real reaction about Eva on Domestic DVD?

"So?"--is my reaction. :b


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