[EVA] Unit 4 Possible spoilers

macgregor macgregor at mpx.com.au
Thu Nov 25 16:07:22 EST 1999

    Wait a moment, even though I haven't seen the movies yet,
aren't some of these hypotheses upset by the MP eva's?
They don't seem to have umbilicals in the pics I've seen. 
Are they on the 1min. time limit or do they have S^2 engines?
    I would have thought that the demise of Unit 04 had more
to do with numerology. Isn't the number 4 (shi? unsure of 
spelling) meant to be unlucky because of the word Shi 
(again unsure of spelling) meaning death [Daishi being 
great-death. Note that one Briareos Kerensky if you don't
know already. Good trivia]. Please forgive any inaccuracies.
    Surely this is one of the moments when traditional 
japanese mythology/spiritualism gets a look-in, like 
Ritsuko's comment about Unit 01 being 'Oni' system
in the first episode? Oni being a type of evil spirit often 
likened to an ogre in western translation. 

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