[EVA] RCB, was The Second Angel?[long]

Chris Voutsis cvoutsis at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 26 15:20:22 EST 1999

About the RCB:

I do believe it was first sold at the showings of EoE, yes?

Therefore its naturally going to agree with what's in EoE and Death(True2) 
etc.  They in themselves seem to bear a few odd inconsitancies and introduce 
a fact or two i'd never even considered based on watching the series 
2139423494 ties.

Think about it.  If D/R + EoE had never been made, and hence there was no 
RCB..  would you agree if someone suggested that Unit 01 was of Lilith?  I 
wouldn't - there's no evidence in the series [personal opinion!!!].  The 
only support is one line in EoE, and of course, its in the Red Cross Book.

I'm not saying RCB is wrong, or right, or whatever ;)  Just remember who 
published it, when it was published and what it was intended to go with - 
the movies.  You can't use one as an independant validation of the other.

Just my skeptical whinge for today,

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