R: R: R: [EVA][META] The Second Angel?

Ebj e.barone at flashnet.it
Mon Nov 29 09:56:09 EST 1999

> Maybe "in the world".  You remember, the real world.  With plants and
> and people and work and *a life*.  Unlike us. ;-)

7/1 in the real world? No way. But, he's probably tempbanned himself and is
actually lurking and laughing at us with Anno himself (while discussing his
TCT with the man).

> It is *possible*, many things are (read my sig).  William of Occam's well
> known Razor is an intellectual tool to cut the unlimited number of
> answers down and choose the "best", best being defined as the simplest, or
> more formally, the one that multiplies entities the least.
> Therefore, Lilith as the Second angel is a safe assumption, until evidence
> comes along that stops this being the simplest explanation.

But in this case, what is not safe is to assume that the simplest
explanation will work. A tale that solicites use of brains to develop one's
personal interpretation about it will grant the possibility to use the Razor
as one interpretation but cannot be limited to it, especially considering
what the story is about, which is life, growing etc. and this is another
field where personal points of view are applicable. So, on a metalevel, the
razor is not applicable, while it is on the 'ground' level.

> And for those who care, Occam's Razor is an aesthetic principle, not one
> formal logic.  That is, we prefer simple explanations because they are
> elegant (ie prettier).  That is not to say any other explanation is wrong,
> but it does need to justify itself.

And that's why I think it's not a good thing to apply it to Eva. For matters
so complicated as the ones in Eva, the simplest solution is hardly the best.

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