R: [EVA]Kinda stupid but....[OT]Misato's Hair.[spoiler]

Seth hill nervhq at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 30 13:57:47 EST 1999

> Misato's hair was meant to be anime hair.....mebbe
> its to denote black 
> shinyness,or shes just that damn snazzy:)
> somewhat bothered,
> Shiayu

personally i think its to denote black shinnyness,If
you look at some of the Pics in the Eve art
book,Misato at times Does look like she almost has
black hair,I think the pics im thinking of came from
Epsode 15.Not Sure,I just Know it was one of the
epsodes on volume8.

Seth hill--Waiting for His N64 so he can enjoy
Survival Horror N64 style^_^
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