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For all you cats who are interested... There is a pretty good rundown on this sort of 'breathing liquid' thing in the movie "The Abyss". In fact I immediately thought of this movie when I first watched eva. They explain pretty well about how it works even though it was made a while ago. It's also a very good movie in general (though the ending is slightly cheesy). I recommend you watch the special edition if you can get your hands on it. Later
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Yes, it is similar to Amniotic Fluid.  That is, the fluid that fills the womb that a baby "breaths" before being born.  It seems to me that LCL must be the blood of higher beings like Angels.  When people are being completed at the end of EoE, they turn into LCL as thier AT Fields are neutralized.
It is kind of sick to think that all this time the pilots have been
breathing blood, but it would exlain the smell of Shinji's entry plug.  Also
it would explain the large body of LCL under NERV at Terminal Dogma.
Possibly they are using Lillith to manufacture the LCL...  Just some


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